18th Century

I'm just getting started in 18th century but so far I have three finished dresses.  I've also made three pairs of stays, so basically a new one for every outfit! :P  I am now working on a 1789 French Revolution ensemble which you can read about here.

This was originally based on two costumes from Marie Antoinette, but I ended up making it more historically accurate and sewing it mostly by hand.  Worn at Costume Con 29, 2011.
The back.  The gown is made with a printed cotton, worn with the cream silk petticoat from the dress below.  My wig is the Lacey "Wavy Showgirl" pinned up and rearranged.
The trimmings are also silk with small ribbon "fly" fringe, silk ribbon and silk/cotton organza sleeve ruffles.  The hat was made from a dolls hat and decorated with the same trimmings as the dress.  For more information see my dress diary about this project.

Green Silk Zone Front, v. 1 July 2010, v. 2  Jan 2011
More pictures here.  Dress diary of sorts here.
Chemise a la Riene, Jan 2010.  Dress diary of sorts here.


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