Regency is what got me started costuming.  I would show my first dress but it's kind of embarrassing.
Trained drop-front dress in blue spotted musiln, with aqua silk spencer based on one from Pride and Prejudice.
Worn at Costume Con 29, April 2011
The bonnet/capote is based on one from Sense & Sensibility and the reticule is my own design.  For more information about this dress see the dress diary. For the spencer.  For the gown.

Cotton Velvet Pelisse, made in part from a Spencer in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion.

The back.  This also shows the russet bonnet I made, inspired by one, again, from Pride & Prejudice.
My Regency jumper.  Lightweight blue wool with green fringed trim and ribbon, antique buckle and white cotton shirt.  I based this jumper off one from the new Emma movie.
The back and side.  It closes with 4 buttons up the back.  The skirt is pleated to the dress.  I am wearing it over my 1820's corset and a lightly corded petticoat
More information here.
The pictures above are from Costume Con 29, 2011

Regency Holiday Tea 2010 - Jumper, Pelisse, Reticule

Gore Place Regency Holiday Tea 2009 - Dress, Spencer, Muff and Bonnet


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