Friday, January 6, 2012

What I made in 2011

It's time I finally do a post about what I was able to accomplish in 2011.  At first I wasn't sure I had done that much, but then putting this list together, I'd say it's not a bad effort!  The end of the year certainly slowed down, but I got a lot done at the beginning! (And maybe that's why I slowed down, I did get a little burned out, especially after the wedding dress!)

Picture-less post unfortunately for now.  I know I have a lot I need to post, but those pics are not uploaded to the internet yet.  So a list will have to do!  Check out the tags on the side for more information on specific projects.

Started in 2010, finished in Jan of 2011:
Grey wool cloak (actually this still needs a hook and eye...)
Silk petticoat for my zone front gown

Started and Finished in 2011:
MA Floral Francaise and flat cap with ruffled panniers.  Dress was entirely hand sewn.
Blue Dot Regency Drop Front Dress.  Also hand sewn but technicially never finished cause I hate the sleeves and didn't hem them.
Steampunk spats
2 1868 corsets from Madame Foy patent (and two articles for FR - which I'll be posting here and on my blog soon! :) )
Laced Lime Rickey Civil War Ballgown
Turquoise Silk Elizabeth Bennett Spencer
Marianne Dashwood hat and matching reticule
Flat cap for Elizabethan dress
Elizabeth Bennett bonnet for Regency Jumper
Pioneer dress with a corded petticoat, apron and bonnet (and hat), and a bunch of extra skirts and aprons.
Wedding Dress! (which I'm never doing again!!)
New 1780's stays
New and improved bum pad
French Revolution jacket and petti with embroidered fichu and 18thc shoe redo
Handsewn 18th c organdy cap
Medieval kirtle & surcote with bag, veil and circlet
Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume
Lining for Wedding Dress Shrug for a friend
White Regency Drawstring Dress

Started but not finished:
18thc Green Stripe Round Gown (hand sewn)
Quilted silk petticoat
Drafted 1912 corset
Pink Beaded Regency Ballgown
Swansdown Pelisse

I need to post pictures! I'm so bad, I haven't reported on anything since, who knows when. I might not have time to do that before next weekend though.  But I will do it!

And now let's make a list of what's next!

What I'm planning for 2012!
Red Stripe Open Robe to wear over white drawstring dress (for next weekend) haven't started this yet, but I think I can do it!
Regency Ballgown (either finish the one I started or make a new one with the sari I ordered over Christmas)
1912 Corset & brassier
1912 Aqua Day Dress
1912 Evening Gown
1912 simple skirt and shirt waist (with hat)
1870 Purple Striped Day Dress
1920's things: a bathing suit, a dress and underwear.
Northanger Abbey outfit finally!!
Something 18th century... but I'm not sure what. I have silk for the dusty blue jacket from the Kyoto book (the one with all the embroidery!) so I may get to that, if I can figure out how to do the embroidery, whether by hand or machine if I can find or make something that works.
Archery dress?
Finish the other things I started last year.

So once again, busy at the start of the year, and who knows what the summer and fall will hold!  Stay tuned! :)

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