Monday, April 11, 2011

The List

So....  I thought I'd make a list of everything I have to do related to Costume Con so that when I can get back to all of that I'll remember and get going on it! :P

  • Finish drop-front Regency gown (sleeves, hem, re-do bib)
  • Make Aqua Spencer (possibly now short sleeved with long sleeves to baste in! Win Win!)
  • Make Striped Regency Bonnet
  • Make red Regency bonnet to go with Jumper/Pelisse ensemble
  • Add placket to Tudor kirtle
  • See about adding cable tie boning to kirtle bodice to reduce horizontal lines
  • Finish gold snood with pearls
  • Make velvet flat cap
  • Possibly lengthen doublet/jacket just a bit by taking down the seam allowance a bit
  • Finish Floral Francaise which includes hem, petticoat, sleeve flounces, trimmings around neckline
  • Alter short stays and attach petticoat to them
  • Make bigger 18th c pockets (very quick n dirty job ok)
  • Fix blonde wig
  • Figure out hairpieces for other costumes (make braids and curls and things with hair I have)
So OK.  It sounded like a lot to do, and it is, but now reading over everything I think it's totally doable!  I just need to stay busy busy busy and multi-task, like making all the hats/bonnets at once, taking things to work on at lunch (doing the snood right now), etc.  The only question mark is the Spencer, that could take some time.  I guess I won't be hand sewing it.  And I may save the long sleeves for another time (I have some elbow length gloves coming that I think will be perfect with this outfit!).

Anyway, am I crazy? Wait.  Don't answer that...

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