Thursday, June 30, 2011

A slightly wonky corded petticoat

First everyone, thanks for the nice comments about my Aqua Spencer ensemble!

Second, I'm back from my trip and I'll try to post pics of the wedding dress soon, but of course I forgot my camera, so I borrowed my brothers. So I need to get those from him, but what I really want are the bridals she had taken, they looked lovely!

Also! It's almost the end of the month, which means I am close to finally being free to work on what I want! :) Yay! Saturday is the last day of the Pioneer Trek. They actually left this morning, but I'm only going for Sat.

In that vein, I've been finishing up my own dress. Last night I made a really wonky corded petticoat in just over an hour. So, quick and dirty! But it will do the trick!

I still have a bit of hemp left so may add another row or two...

Tonight it's finishing closures on the dress and perhaps making a ruffled petti to go over the corded. We'll see!

I'll try to post pics from the event on Sunday!

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